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Micromart, the first and best e-commerce site in China is now extending its services to India. Through our years of experience, we are able to understand the unique needs of different countries. Through continuous research and studies, we comprehended the requirements of the people of India. We intend to fulfill your online shopping experience which is not provided by the currently leading online shopping sites in India. We bring you a wide variety of products from international brands. 

We make online shopping more easy and comfortable for you. You can get fruits and vegetables to household items, electronic items, and even vehicles. We always update our system with new items from the international leading brands. We provide you better offers to make your purchase more affordable. You can get a large number of items at a small rate. Our team is always conducting research to understand your changing requirements and update our system according to your needs.


We are the first and the best bi-lingual online marketplace in China which is developing fastly. You can get anything and everything you want from our online store. We provide you a wide range of products from a wide range of international brands. Get everything you want from a single place.

    Market Place for All You Want

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With established partners in many countries, our international arbitration operations are growing. We form alliances with best brands across the world to deliver you high quality products directly. We bring you products directly manufacturers to you to avoid mediators.

          International Arbitrage


Cross-border e-commerce operations to and from China are already in full swing. We are dedicated to provide you the best products in the market. Our aim is to make your life easy and we are always passionate to fulfil this aim. So you can get products at low rates without any compromise in quality.

      Cross-Border E-commerce

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