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Beijing Hospital Launches Smart Diagnosis System

A prominent Chinese hospital of Peking University in Beijing announced on Wednesday that its online smart-post-diagnosis patient management system had completed the pilot phase successfully and would be used throughout the hospital, making it the first hospital in China to utilize such an online healthcare system to provide better care and medicine access to patients.

A Facilitation to the Public

The progressive step will make the process of buying the medicines a lot easier by a smart prescription-sharing platform of Bestyoo, an enterprise affiliated to Chinese pharmaceutical company Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, prescription information from the hospital is shared with medicine distributors and pharmacies, so that patients are able to buy medicines from nearby pharmacies, or get medicines delivered to them.

The system is introducing a convenient way for the patients having follow-up treatments because online medical consultation would be feasible that facilitates the getting all important medicines without visiting the hospital.

A Notable Reform

Zhang Jun, deputy president of the hospital, said the hospital hopes to contribute to China's healthcare reform through the adoption of the system, which can not only improve medical services hospitals provide but also can help control medical costs.

The hospital plans to connect more pharmacies and community hospitals, to provide better care to patients, Zhang said.

The Scenario Till Now

You go to a public hospital to make an appointment, If the hospital is busy, which it usually is, you could be waiting in line for half a day. After the appointment, you need to pay the consultation fee in another line. Only then can you see a doctor. You get your prescription after diagnosis and line up again to pay for it. Then you wait in hopefully the last line to pick up your medication. if you’re still standing or have someone helping you.

While the new Internet-based system allows you to skip these queues as it is delivering the hundreds and thousands of requests in a fraction of time. The system brings a lot of relief as well as saving time because the patients, mostly who are up to the reassessment can get the consultation online at home easily. Additionally, the ecosystem enables the patient to not depend on someone that was required prior in case of taking care and helping in buying medicine or making payment physically.


It is also easy to collect and analyze patients' post-diagnosis data through the system, which will be useful for doctors to conduct academic studies, he said. In recent years, Chinese authorities have issued a slew of guidelines to boost the healthy development of the internet healthcare industry in China.

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