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Beijing's Hi-tech Zone to Have 5G Coverage Soon

Beijing's economic-technology zone in Yizhuang, in the southeast suburbs of the capital, will have 5G coverage by the end of this year, local authorities said.

The Accomplishment of Genuine Purpose

Drawing upon the uniquely endowed talent, policy and region advantages of the capital, Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone is adhering to the development goals of industrial clustering and resource conservation and accelerating the cultivation of such newly emerging industrial clusters as digital television and green energy on the basis of four pillar industries of information & communication technology (ICT), equipment manufacturing, bio-engineering & new medicine and automobiles.

In 2010, the administrative resources of Daxing District and the BDA were integrated to form an industrial development pattern of "one base and six parks" with the BDA as an industrial development main platform to stimulate the planning and construction of six special parks: Daxing Biological Medicine Base, New Media Industrial Park, New-Energy-Vehicle Industrial Park, Military-Civilian Combination Industrial Park, Manufacturing Services Industrial Park and New Airport Industrial Park.

Enrichment in Facilities

By the end of this year, the area will build over 200 5G base stations, covering the whole area, according to a conference held in Yizhuang. The 5G network is expected to enable enterprises in the area to have a faster connection and work more efficiently, according to officials in the area. Beijing will spend more than 30 billion yuan ($4.4 billion) on building a 5G network in the city by 2022, according to a 5G development plan released in January.

Major Industries

Four leading industries including the electronic, bio-medicine, equipment manufacturing and automobile production industries had been formed; a communications industry cluster led by Nokia, a display industry cluster led by BOE, a microelectronics industry cluster led by SMIC, a medical equipment industry cluster led by GE, a bio-pharmaceutical industry cluster led by Bayer and an automobile industry cluster led by Beijing Mercedes had been established.

Output values of BDA's four leading industries accounted for 50 percent, 48 percent, 22 percent and 17 percent of Beijing's total output values for these industries.

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