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China Encourages Generic Drug Production

A document is issued by the General Office of the State Council on Tuesday encourage the research and development of generic drugs. The document labeled "Opinions regarding reforming and perfecting policies in the supply and usage of generic drugs" emphasized the goal of reducing the cost of health care expenses in order to meet the requirement of the general public as well as making a healthier China.

A View on Statement

According to the document, the medical authority of China was ordered to regularly highlight the lists of generic drugs that are presently needed in order to meet the surging and the urgent need for good quality generic drugs. The Regulatory entity further asked to bring the Research and Development Projects into the plan as well as enhance the present safeguard system for intellectual property rights (IPR).

It is clearly mentioned that substantial supervision should be imposed to maintain the quality and efficiency of generic drugs and the requirement of the extensive level of policy support to promote the trend of using the high-quality generic drugs into clinical practice.

Furthermore, the Government will encourage the marketing of these generic drugs in the global market by intensifying global cooperation. It is also documented that research and development will be supported with extensive level as well as registration of Chinese made generic drugs.

Social Significance

An official of China's National Health Commission said that the process of producing generic drugs attract a huge social significance as it cut the health care expenditure along with improvement in the accessibility of drugs and health care services in China.

China's medicine industry has a genuine requirement of manufacturing of new as well as generic drugs along with the encouragement on research which can, on the one hand, preserves IPR development and on the other hand enhance the healthcare services for the people, said the official.

A study found that from 2011 to 2015, altogether 323 "innovative" drugs were recommended for clinical research in China. Along with this 139 new generic drugs made their presence in the market in order to further promote the research and development of generic drugs.

Meanwhile, President Xi already stated China will put the measures which include further lifting investment restraints in the service industry, improving the domestic business environment, boosting imports and protecting intellectual property rights into the act as soon as possible. it is thought that President Xi has a keen desire as well as genuine consideration in safeguarding globalization, free trade, and open economy at an urgent moment".

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