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China Faces Shortage of Big Data Talent

Data Science and Analytics has become the buzzword in the business world. The business leaders across organizations agree with the impact that Big Data Analytics has over the entire business operations and how it can remodel industries by improving productivity and profits as well as opening up possibilities that were unknown until now.

The dilemma with the Chinese Big Data services

Being the world leader in manufacturing, China is facing a crunch of Big Data Professional who can deliver to the expectation. The country with immense talent is struggling with enough data professionals and people with the required skills to accomplish this unmet demand. With the application of Big Data in banking, retail, and energy consumption. The Chinese Big Data talent deficiency will touch an estimated 1.5m unfilled positions by 2020.

While China has a total number of professionals in the field, which stand first in the world but demand is surging without the appropriate supply. With a deep consideration of China's overall employed population, those working in big data accounts only 0.23 percent, which is far behind than the United States, South Korea, Finland, and Israel, which stood at 0.41 percent, 0.43 percent, 0.84 percent, and 1.12 percent, respectively.

Application of Big Data in major sectors

As a world leader in export, China has been implementing big data widely in various fields including the governmental sector, retail, transportation, healthcare, education, and public governance.

The power of Data Science is not only being utilized in the private sector in China but in the government sector as well. Alibaba’s cloud computing and analytics framework are being implemented as the backbone of the Chinese government’s Smart Cities ambition. The important initiatives have been taken to improve the delivery of public services in urban areas to cope with rising populations, using the Internet of Things connected technology.


It is evident that how data science could transform the Chinese economy, offering immense possibilities for businesses committed to data science service and generating unbelievable opportunities for aspiring learners to make a career in the hottest industry of the 21st century.

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