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China is Promoting BasketBall in Rural Areas

China is taking initiatives to promote basketball in rural areas. Former NBA players are trying to bring basketball skills to rural China. Former players like David Jones and Tim Ohlbrecht are leading this initiative and they are getting good response from children in rural areas. Future Sifang Group and Gansu Aesthetic Education Promotion Association, a nonprofit organization invited athletes for training.

This organization is a nonprofit organization dedicated to training coaches and children in impoverished areas and it works in association with the NBA. The players visited visiting schools and honing young students' basketball skills. The team traveled from Beijing to Gansu and they managed to create excitement in students wherever they went.

They also signed an agreement with the two host organizations to form the Linxia Future Sifang Spurs Basketball Club, building a platform to train Chinese young students. Jones and Ohlbrecht run a basketball training program in San Antonio, and they have hosted some of the young Gansu students over the 2019 New Year.

They are conducting programs in the United States. They provide skill training for boys and girls including life skills, basketball skills and plan for their future. Jones said that education is their number one goal they always try to demonstrate the core values every day through training.

Jones and Tim have raised their level of basketball performance and understanding through the trip they conducted across China. The success they achieved in the United States gave them the motivation to continue this with the Chinese kids. They are planning to train four to six Chinese coaches who in turn train the Chinese young students.

The vast experience that Jones and Tim have will benefit the Chinese kids to a great extent. Through the training they provide coaches will get a chance to be pushed to a high level they will also be able to train professionals. The kids were really excited and they really wanted to learn from them. The trainers are happy that they could give such an opportunity to the kids to make them better. This will be a great opportunity for the children in rural areas of China to receive good training in basketball.

The coaches will also be trained as a part of this program so that their abilities and skills will be developed and they can become professional coaches. This program will create world famous basketball players from rural areas of China.

Conclusion :

China is encouraging basketball promotion in the rural areas of China. Former NBA players are organizing camps to help train the children basketball. The coaches are also being trained which in turn will help the better training of children. Through training with experienced professionals, they will be able to polish their skills and abilities. Through this initiative, China will give birth to talented basketball players from its rural areas.

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