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China Opens More Overseas Cultural Centers

Global Industrial Group Reignwood Group together with its government and social partners built up a Silk Road Cultural Exchange Center in Singapore. With Singapore an attractive financial and shipping center under the structure of the Belt and Road Initiative, the move is intended to upgrade individual trade among China and partner nations, as indicated by Yan Bin, administrator of the Beijing-headquartered gathering.

The Excellent Platform

"We are eager to consistently improve social exchange, common commercial improvement, and make more prominent commitments to the advancement of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road," said Yan, who additionally is the co-seat of the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong).

Authorities from the Chinese international embassy in Singapore and the Chinese Culture Promotion Society took part in the center's foundation ceremony. "Singapore has a solid Chinese social legacy among southeast Asian and South Asian nations. The joint improvement of Singaporean and Chinese social activities is useful for advancing things like customary tea services, Chinese painting, and Chinese drug," said Que Xiaohua, social counselor of the Chinese government office in Singapore.

The Promoting

China has been proposed more than the 37 cultural centers in the countries worldwide at the end of last year under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Such cultural centers are going to play an active role in promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the globe. Almost 17 of them will be in the partner nation the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

A number of activities including events, shows, concerts, performances is going to showcase 5,000 years of Chinese civilization as well as its modern approach with innovation. However, the Chinese government has been putting consistent efforts to increase the country itself as a brand—with similar the ability to attract people from other countries as America is doing with its culture, products, and values. A decade ago the Communist Party announced a new aim: to become a “soft power”, as a complement to its rapidly growing economic and military strength.

These centers will serve as an important platform for scholars and experts and bring students together for knowledge sharing from a diverse cultural background as well as promoting the understanding among different people and societies.

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