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Chinese Apps Gain Popularity Across Asia

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Chinese tech companies in India have dominated in India in 2018. The number of Chinese applications that made it to the main 100 applications on Google Play store in India has risen from 18 to 44, just in one year, as indicated by Indian tech news site FactorDaily. The article refers to information from application analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Popular Chinese Apps

A scope of Chinese applications has developed and found fame in India over the previous year. Particularly applications for social networking and sharing a short video and live video has been popular among the young generation. ByteDance has seen huge success all over the world with its short video application Tik Tok. In India, it has a second participant in the race: Helo, a social media marketing application that is present among the main 10 most well-known applications in India's Play Store. Bigo, an affiliate of Chinese tech firm YY, similarly has two noticeable social applications in India, Bigo Live and LIKE. Other players in the category are Tencent's Kwai and Cheetah Mobile's LiveMe – in which ByteDance is an investment.

Chinese-made games like Clash of Kings and Mobile Legends have been well known for some time, although a lot more have entered the contest, most notable is Tencent's PUBG mobile. In spite of the fact that the search in the popularity of Chinese applications in India happened quickly, it wasn't actually overnight.

Chinese tech firms have been endeavoring to break into the Indian market for almost six years, at any cost. Brutal domestic competition and saturating the internet market in China left no choice but to search for greener pastures.

After thorough consideration, FactorDaily brings up, just India offers a potential market comparative in size to China. WeChat's initial attempt at winning India in 2012. After the application's record-breaking development in China, it envisioned to turn into India's best social networking site.

Tencent bet everything for the success, spending lavishly on promotions, putting forward a brand ambassador, just to capture a significant share of the market rapidly. A WeChat official in India revealed to Factor Daily that they were the main mobile application to launch TV advertisements in India. But However, WeChat did not address the requirements of the users in India and left India three years after its launch.

Success of WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the US messenger that is a part of Facebook, find the requirements suitable for the functions of the application in India. You could chat with anybody who is in your contact list by means of WhatsApp app, yet it didn't empower sending an appropriate message to the nearby users. WhatsApp gained enormous popularity locally.

Looking at 2018, However India's application scenario has changed to a great deal. The Chinese have discovered new ways to adapt to the challenges to lure the Indians. India, in contrast to China, is different. Indians living in the South are commonly more wealthy than people in the North. Various India urban communities speak diverse languages, and a deep insight must be set up to make the appropriate product.

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