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France and China Reach 55 Years of Cultural Ties

France and China have been holding strong strategic relations for a long time. In order to make this association stronger, Chinese president Xi Jinping and France counterpart Emmanuel Macron shared the congratulations with each other on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

A Message From Chinese President

While exchanging the wishes, President Xi Jinping expressed a keen desire for the cooperation between the two countries as well as advancing the relationship in the future. He added that the anniversary brings the right opportunity to contemplate comprehensive strategic cooperation for the better objective.

French President's Words

On his side, French Premier said that he appreciates the strong partnerships between China and France for the strategic affairs. He also expressed his willingness for cooperation with his Chinese counterpart and strong bilateral ties with China in the areas of nuclear energy, aviation, agri-food, economy, and trade.

The anniversary has been celebrated by both the countries and the commemoration for the 55th year after the establishment has been started already in Beijing and Paris. In addition, the Chinese foreign minister who just concluded his trip to France and Italy stated that China's strategic relationship with France as well as Italy has experienced an inclination over time.

As per a report by the Foreign Ministry of China, France is at the fourth position in the list of trading partners with China as well as the second largest technology importer. To continue this strong partnership, Both governments are approaching innovative cooperation while hoping a genuine enhancement in the partnership.

Bringing the diverse culture together, the cultural festival will be celebrated on the occasion of the 55th-anniversary highlighting of the Sino-French connection. The festival is planned to commemorate over the summer.

China has been already promoting multilateralism on the global stage, especially through its Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) embarking the multilateral cooperation with its strategic partners. China is taking the right steps for strengthening its economy in terms of foreign cooperation and opening its financial as well as the service sector.

Moreover, China's initiative will open a huge range of opportunities for Europe as China's Railway ministry set off more than 10,000 trains connecting to the 15 cities of European countries.

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