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London Metal Exchange to Open Warehouse in China

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) which operates the Hong Kong stock exchange is going to open the first authorized metals warehouse in China with regulatory approval of Guangdong provincial government.

An Awaited Venture

Owned by London Metal Exchange (LME), the new warehouse which will be approved by HKEX's completely, is going to the world's biggest market for base metals, taking a leap forward as it includes an essential waypoint for deliveries of physical metal contracts exchanged on the stock exchange.

Meanwhile, LME's deliveries are just done in Taiwan, South Korea or Singapore, including transport and customs costs for brokers situated in China. The upcoming Guangdong warehouse encourages LME to extend its presence in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) which has been reserved by the Chinese government to be incorporated with an economic powerhouse with an expected USD 1.5 trillion in GDP.

The Entry of Foreign Companies with Liberated Policies

Already, laws and guidelines have stopped non-territory organizations from owning a warehouse in China. In any case, with the forthcoming advancement of the GBA, a portion of these guidelines might be liberated, permitting LME to enter the market. Having an existence in the GBA drives the three-year renewal plan by HKEX to change itself from a territorial bourse to a worldwide commercial center.

Additional Plans

The exchange additionally plans to grow items under its spot physical exchange, the Qianhai Mercantile Exchange (QME), by including aluminum ingots and aluminum T-bars in the second from last quarter, and copper most likely one year from now, Li, Chief executive of Hong Kong Stock Exchange included.

"Qianhai will proceed with the value chain from alumina to aluminum and T-bars. Those will be authorized to us here in Hong Kong and after that, we will future prices dependent on the spot prices " Li said.

"In terms of envisaging it, it might be ahead of schedule one year from now." It will keep on seeing cross-listing or clearing items from other commodity exchanges, he said.

Considerable Investment in Technology

In London, the LME will make an "exceptionally critical" multi-million-dollar consideration to modernize its options trading for screen-based exchange from the phone traded market, London Metal Exchange Chief Executive Matt Chamberlain said. He didn't indicate how much investment LME would utilize.

The telephone market supports LME volumes on the trade's ring, one of the world's last open exchanging floors. "Our choices (offering) was an interbank phone exchange market however the world is proceeding onward," Chamberlain said.


While the investment in China will enable the LME to acquaint best worldwide practices with local commodity market, yet the HKEX will discover it a long and exhausting procedure to effectively lobby the mainland regulators to open up as Beijing will be stressed over capital outflow.

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