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Master Dressmaker Keeps Ancient Tradition Alive

Just imagine a classic Chinese attire, the Qipao -a type of feminine outfit with unique Chinese features that fits the body of a female is what often hit the to the imagination. Hugging the curves perfectly with unique Chinese features, the traditional Chinese dress has been often worn by an actress in traditional Chinese movies.

A brief about the fashion tradition

However, the exact root of Qipao fashion is still under debate. There are three theories which are competing with each other but all of them promote this notion that the Qipao has a foreign connection and inspired by foreign clothing. The exact source and degree of influence are still hazy.

The elegance that high collar dress brings to the persona made it the most preferred outfit by women across China. However, in order to keep the Chinese culture and tradition alive, the hand making dress has been an important part of their wardrobe.

The Dressmaker’s ethics to carry forward the fashion tradition

A handful of master craftsmen in Taiwan still specializes in the handmade figure-hugging apparel are carrying forward the culture. Liang - a master of the Qipao has been creating the classic Qipao in north China's coastal municipality Tianjin for nearly four decades. One of the few master craftsmen amuses the testimony of how the symbol of traditional Chinese culture has evolved over the years.

Lin Chin-te - another master of the Qipao design run his shop which has a variety of dresses, from fancy long embroidered red silk Qipao to shorter length outfits that are crafted with more wearable fabric. Recognized as increasingly impractical and costly than off-the-rack variants, the tailor-made Qipao resembles the traditions with a mocktail of the novelty but apparently, it is now a dress for weddings and special events.

Besides, Lin concerns that designers will not have the zeal to learn his skills and practices the art of dressmaking. He disappoints with the fact that he could not pass his know-how to the next generation.

Recognition of traditional attire in the modern era

In weddings with western influence, Chinese brides will often wear the elegant piece of outfit for a specific ceremony of the wedding day. It is in culture to have a white wedding gown and gracefully designed Qipao for the distinct celebrations of the important day of one's life.

With the conscious effort of the master dressmakers, the acceptance of the admirable garments is still in the mainstream of fashion, more in weddings, as well as official events, Apart from this, the royal piece of fashion, could also be seen in specific service industries, such as restaurants, hospitality, and airlines.

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