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Officials Urged to Create a Safe, Stable Society in China

President Xi Jinping encouraged the country's public security forces to understand their duties and missions in the modern era to make a secure and stable social environment that empowers people to keep significantly more faith in the system than before, President Xi's Remarks

Xi, additionally broad secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and director of the Central Military Commission, made the comment at a two-day national conference on public security work, which held up in Beijing on Wednesday. He called for infusing the professionalism in work ethics of public security forces and consequently building such forces that are faithful to the Party, serve the general public, impart impartiality in law and order and be disciplined at the same time.


He underlined the significance of appropriately mitigating different social disputes, and said efforts must be made to address authentic and legitimate concerns to secure public interests and additionally manage general public in voicing their problems in adherence to the law to keep up their belief.

High level of pressure must be kept in order to take care of the crime, for example, organized gang operations, fierce and terrorist crimes, and those identified with extortion, theft, food and drug security, and environmental security, Xi said.


He additionally encouraged public security forces to enhance the credibility of their work in such a way that human can be ensured with a high level of proficiency while crimes should be undertaken, and impartiality can be assured while the effectiveness of law enforcement is pursued. Efforts ought to be made to give people an increasingly strong and firm conviction that all is good, Xi said.

Innovation with Technology

Xi asked for reforms in public security work and according to him, big data with the wealth of the information could be an x-factor bringing the much need innovation in the operation. Such additional capacities should be part of the public security system to maintain a higher quality of services and these should be implemented to give the public a substantial sense of satisfaction, he added.

In accordance with the demand of high discipline in public security forces, Xi said there will be zero tolerance for violations of laws and Party discipline. He additionally encouraged Party advisory groups at all levels to help security forces in utilizing power and satisfying their responsibilities as per the law.

President Xi Jinping advised senior authorities to utilize their capacity in preventing and defusing unspecified risks to sustainable economic development and social security.

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