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Porcelain Center in Jiangxi to Protect Traditional Culture

According to provincial deputy's officials to the 13th National People's Congress, a specialized cultural zone to protect traditional porcelain culture in Jiangxi province will get assistance from the State Council, China's Cabinet.

To preserve and promote the State-level intangible cultural heritage, the Jingdezhen Porcelain Culture Inheritance and Innovation Demonstration Zone in Jingdezhen city have been chosen for the preferential policy support, funding.

The Slow Demand

In the 17th century, the handicrafts especially porcelain gained recognition along the Maritime Silk Road, but somehow the demand for the same has declined eventually by the extensive level of industrialization.

A drafted framework will be prepared in order to preserve the ancient art. As per a report, It has been seen that there were almost 100,000 of Jingdezhen among 1.6 million people worked in porcelain-related industries, but the numbers have been dropped to around 50,000 as many of them were unable to earn a reasonable income said Yu Jihua, a national lawmaker from Jiangxi, and chairman of Jingdezhen Porcelain Artists Association.

He further added that a number of experts who are masters of 72 methods of porcelain art have become old almost cross the 72 while the young generation is not willing to learn the ancient art as it does not have enough income to survive.

The city porcelain art has an amazing' popularity in terms of Chinese culture to the worldwide and anytime I tell a foreigner that I'm from Jingdezhen I get an amazing response with huge delight.

The Preservation

Preserving the ancient art which symbolizes the rich cultural heritage in this age become the priority while rapid commercial development transforming the social and cultural values. The substantiated endeavors, as well as a genuine exhibition, is necessary to keep awareness of traditional values and culture alive.

President Xi Jinping highlighted again the cultural importance when meeting national political advisers. Jingdezhen handmade porcelain could be a carrier for the cultural heritage to be noticed in the world. He noted that more than half the porcelain handmade pieces from the city are exported every year.

Chinese cultures' characteristics - such as grapes symbolizing harvest and abundance, and lotus representing harmony and good luck - are usually incorporated in the handmade porcelain pieces, he said.

With the news that the government is supporting especially for the province to be a demonstration zone, some young people with the porcelain making skills who had previously migrated to other places for employment returned to Jingdezhen to continue porcelain-related work, he said.

Zhang Jingjing, another national legislator from the province and a professor at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, proposed organizing a world ceramic day to raise public awareness and demonstrate the knowledge of traditional Chinese porcelain.

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