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Preserving Relics Key Objective of Museums of China

The purpose of museums as cultural heritage institutions often associated with securing and preserving cultural relics cannot be declined. In fact, such endeavors need special attention in order to continue the legacy that could endure for a long time.

The Cultural Heritage

Chinese museums, especially having the foundation on the ruins as well around ancient architecture, should keep the course, according to the Liu Yuzhu, director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration and a national political adviser.

The museums serving the causes should have a level of elegance in spite of being impaired in quality in terms of vulgar fairs as well as common entertainment venues, besides these cultural entities should have a purpose to enhance the cultural awareness to the common public.

The Rising Interest

Over the years, It has been noted that visiting museums especially in China is one of the most popular activity. A growing number of visitors, in the museums over the nation, has been recorded in recent years, Liu said.

A huge number of people almost 40 percent of the 415 million people who visited China during the Spring Festival have looked into the museums, As per the China Tourism Academy.

The country's museums as facing a problem of expansion as well as tackling the capacity limitation in order to cater to the booming demand. As visitors are showing significant interest, the obstacle should be handled soon keeping in the mind that more and more people will take interest in visiting the museums as data from recent years implied.

The Efforts

Government has taken the initiative in terms of implementing two top-level suggestions separately including revolutionary cultural relics conservation and encouraging the reforms for the preservation of cultural relics. These steps are contemplating efforts from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

The preservation of the cultural heritage has been in consideration of a number of the provincial government institutions and efforts are being made for improvement in the process. Liu added that more talent should be added in order to execute the plan in a well-organized way.

Song Jirong, a national political adviser and deputy director of the Palace Museum in Beijing, said that administration is working on a collaboration which a partnership between museums and universities in terms of build a one of its kind " medical school of cultural relics" and developing a talent to protect and preserve as national treasures

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