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Tencent Launches Video Game for Visually Impaired

In a statement posted on its official WeChat account, China’s largest game developer announced two new titles — Seeing and Blind Flight — aimed toward raising awareness of visual disabilities.

About The Game

In Seeing part of the game, fully visioned gamers will step into the shoes of someone with low vision, employing a stick to spot and bypass the endless obstacles people with visual impairments encounter while navigating public areas.

On the other hand, Blind Flight, meanwhile, could be a high-adrenaline military mission designed for visually impaired gamers within which the protagonist is an air force pilot whose sight was taken by a shell in a severe explosion. By referring the audio cues from their right and left earphones, players somehow able to evade enemy missiles — and even fight back. Each games square measure developed by Timi Studio group, the Tencent team behind the wildly standard multiplayer online battle game “Arena of valorousness.”

Census information shows that there area almost thirteen million public with visual impairments living in China — a provincial that, with close to 620 million gamers per marketing research, is additionally the world’s largest game market. Although people with disabilities have limited options for gaming.

Game For The Good Cause

“Currently, within the China market, a few games have responded to accessibility modification only after production. No game company had ever custom-built (a Chinese game) for the visually impaired at the development phase,” Tencent emphasized in its article, referring to Blind Flight that the game solely is being designed with keeping visually impaired gamers in mind.

In the meantime, the engineers of Seeing would like to raise the issues to attention specifically of traffic security, a genuine worry for visually impaired people, the community need a special infrastructure. In the game, the walkways that should help manage disabled people are frequently interrupted by construction or inadequately parked bicycles and bikes.

Popularity For Specialty

Following its release a week ago, Seeing has a normal score of 4.7 out of 5 on Apple's Chinese application store. In spite of the fact that a portion of the 400 or more reviews has found bugs in the game, most have showered praise. "I can understand that to become comfortable with the lifestyle of visually impaired people might be hard (for the sighted players)," one analyst expressed, "however I'd like to state that this game is for everybody to notice."

Blind Flight has a lower but a considerable 4.3 ratings on Apple's application store. While a portion of the 45 reviewers suggested better user experiences, other people introduce them as visually impaired have offered thanks to the engineers and expecting some more accessible games to serve their community.

Huang Yuehong, Deputy of visually impaired association in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, helped the Blind Flight development group by testing the game before its launch.

While Blind Flight helps disabled players via "preparing their hearing and upgrading their responses," Huang asserted, its real appreciation — beyond the amazing gameplay — towards an often neglected community of visually impaired group with the novelty to be entertained.

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