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World's Kids Love Chinese Learning Tech

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, an owl-shaped robot named Luka, which was designed with Artificial Intelligence to read books for kids, was the object of interest among visitors.

HBO even included it in its TV series Silicon Valley. It welcomed the robot developers, a Chinese organization called Beijing Ling Technology Co Ltd, to Disney headquarters to feature the intelligent machine's highlights.

Interactive Intelligence

Luka can read a wide range of elementary books that are at present in the market. When you place a book in front of Luka and turn a page, its 'eyes' can perceive the page and read out so anyone might hear easily. When you point at an image on the page, Luka promptly read out what is in the image. It can even ask inquiries about the book and communicate with youngsters.

The Intelligent robot has the ability to cover Chinese, English, German, Korean and Spanish, Luka is currently sold in various nations in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. The organization is planning to make it more popular and expanding its footprint.

Distinction To Electronics Items

"Our book-reading robots are the first of their kind on the planet. They are not quite the same as general electronic items, for example, cell phones and speakers. Luka represents a considerable specialization in the content of elementary education books In this way, the innovation of our product, it isn't just about changing languages," said Gu Jiawei, CEO of Ling Technology.

Accessing The Opportunity

Regularly, the technological firm researches the local market before entering into it. It signs contracts with the local publishing houses for approved reproduction on its device. It additionally puts huge money and efforts in marking, advertising, and advancements.

As per Gu, A number of companies face troubles when they go global. That is due to the reason that they don't give much consideration to the differences between China and foreign markets, as far as user's interactions and activities, laws and guidelines, just as distribution channels.

A Preventive Approach

In this manner, before launching its items abroad, Ling Technology does the exhaustive due diligence of business sectors and neighborhood purchasers, the nearby intellectual property scene and distribution channels.

"When we are completely aware of the overseas circumstance, we dispatch our items. One can't just consider going worldwide. In the event that we need to global, we can't step forward without being fully prepared," Gu said.

This is the mere fact that the company's overseas business is just 14% of the total but despite this, it sold over 260,000 devices worldwide last year and the company is planning to sell several millions of units this calendar year.

Moreover, Exciting by the Luka high user activity, which is 60 percent to 80 percent, customers have been spending to the products-they buy picture books, audio books and even live streaming classes that go with Luka.

Gu explained that Luka' worldwide acceptance can be attributed to its early exposure at some international expos, introducing the product to the consumer in a short span. Although, the company adjusted its marketing and selling strategy as per the local market's copyright environment, laws and regulations.

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