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Micromart is now ready to amaze the people of Russia with its huge product range and irresistible offers. Micromart is taking a new step to its development. We are extending our services to Russia also. We see this as one of our greatest achievements. Through your support, we have become the best online shopping site and we further expect your cooperation with our new endeavours. We are always dedicated to provide the best services for our customers and we promise to take care of your needs with great care. 


We make shopping fun and interesting through our highly user-friendly platform. We see our customers as our greatest assets and satisfying your needs are our highest priority. We make continuous research and studies to understand your requirements and to find methods to fulfill your needs. You can always rely on us to get high-quality products at most affordable rates.


Micromart is China's most popular e-commerce site. The support we received from our clients motivated us to extend our services to other countries. Our success in fulfilling people’s requirements helped us to stay one step ahead of our competitors. We will continue to be the best.

    Most Popular E-commerce Site


We promise to improve this service to provide you better online shopping experience. We wish to make your shopping easy. You can now access a wide range of products from different parts of the world through our platform whenever you need from wherever you are. We make shopping complete.

        Better Shopping Experience


We continuously update our product list with new products. We add new products to our site every day to provide you access to a wide array of products. Whatever your requirements are you can always rely on us. We add products to our according to your specific requirements.

             Updated Product List

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